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Condo buildings in the Dumbo district of Brooklyn, New York City, USA on a sunny day
6 questions to ask before your board invests in new tech to run your building
Make sure to identify what your needs are before investing in new proptech to run your condo or co-op building. Here's what to ask.
modern laundry room
Building Structure & Systems
Looking to upgrade your NYC co-op or condo building's laundry room? Here are 6 ways to do that
Having a laundry room in your NYC co-op or condo building is still a valuable amenity—especially if you don't allow in-unit machines. If your building...
laundry room in basement
Property Management
Co-op and condo board intel: How to choose a new laundry room vendor
If you are a board that's looking for a new laundry room vendor for your NYC co-op or condo building, you'll want to read reviews, ask for references,...
Our co-op board is getting complaints about a video doorbell invading a shareholder's privacy. How should we respond?
Recording others when you are not a party to the conversation and in places where there’s an expectation of privacy—such as within one’s home—could be...

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