Would You Rather?

Murphy bed in large studio or tiny separate bedroom? New Yorkers sound off

By Lambeth Hochwald  | March 27, 2017 - 11:59AM

It’s a big question to ponder if you’re searching for a small-ish pad: What’s better, a large studio with a Murphy bed (aka an in-wall or fold-down bed) or an apartment with a teensy living room and small, but separate, bedroom?

And, does that even matter to New Yorkers contemplating micro-urban living? We asked five city dwellers what they thought, and you may be surprised by their answers:

An open floorplan matters most I’m not a fan of tight spaces so I’d rather have a Murphy bed in a large studio with room to move versus a [tiny] separate bedroom. —Maria, Murray Hill

Too much hassle Even though I work out a lot, I feel like a Murphy bed would be heavy (do they come in automatic versions?) to lower down and raise up, so I’ll take a small living room with a separate bedroom thank you very much! —Erica, Tribeca 

A girl needs her privacy I often have friends over and guests coming to New York from out of town and prefer having a separate room so I can have my privacy during those times. –Brittney, West Village

Separate space=happy marriage While I love my husband very much, separate rooms is instrumental in our successful marriage. If we had a studio (even a large one with a Murphy bed), I predict it would only take one Harry Potter marathon for him to re-think the vows he made!—Alison, Woodlawn

Everyone wants to visit This is New York City so, no matter the size of your apartment, everyone wants to stay with me. So please give me a separate room (with a door to close). —Margaux, West Village (pictured below)


The Verdict: A separate bedroom makes a tiny living room worthwhile.


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